Happy Tuesday! We have an urgent need that recently came up, and since we have some of most generous friends on the planet we’re spreading the word! Many of you know we have a group of kiddos in what we call our child-led household program (in some circles they’d be called double orphans, but we hate that word!). Samuel is the youngest of 5 children. Their grandma was in our literacy program and was caring for them until her death, which is when we stepped in. Two of the older children have sponsors, but Samuel and two of his teenaged sisters lost their sponsors recently. Sponsorship is $125/month which covers boarding school and whatever they need when home on breaks. Why is our child sponsorship more expensive that our village sponsorships or child sponsorship for other organizations? Great question! Child sponsorship is more expensive because one person (or two, max) sponsors the child rather than smaller donations being pooled to fund a village literacy center. This is because you become that child’s “auntie” or “uncle” and are encouraged to visit them in person or FaceTime them during one of our trips if possible to develop more of a relationship. We want our kids to know they’re not alone. Even though the family of origin may no longer be on this side of heaven, they have an extended family both in Uganda and across the ocean. Who doesn’t need more people to love them?!? If you want to sponsor Samuel, artist extraordinaire and all-around amazing kid, let us know!!

Click HERE to sign up today!